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Winter Warm Up Treatments!

Wintertime Relaxation and Rejuvenation-think warm to the soul relaxation, with options for almost anyone to enjoy a respite from the great outdoors! Infrared spa blankets have many benefits besides deep warmth; from helping to detox the body, extreme muscle relaxation and recovery to moving those pesky fat cells along.

We are offering the following treatments with our Infrared Sauna blanket. Scented treatment with a goal of complete relaxation, CBD for potential pain and inflammation relief, to cellulite remodeling those problem areas.

Warm & Decadent

A full body scrub with your choice of product, followed by a full body massage and then you will melt into the warm Sauna Blanket and a nourishing facial mask will be applied while you receive a neck and scalp massage.

Time:  120 minutes
Cost:  $300

Warm & Bliss

Fully body massage with your choice of oil or balm and then you are cocooned in the warm Sauna Blanket while receiving a neck and scalp massage.

Time: 90 min
Cost:  $230

Warm & Cozy

Your choice of oil or balm product is applied to your body and while you relax in the Sauna Blanket you receive a wonderful neck and scalp massage.

Time: 45 mim
Cost:  $125

Express Facial in Sauna Blanket

Enjoy the benefits and warmth of the Sauna Blanket while receiving an express facial; cleanse, exfoliate and deep nourishment facial mask followed by appropriate moisturizer.

Time: 30 mim
Cost:  $125

Cellulite Treatment

An intensive body serum formulated with Caffeine, Carnitine and Pink Pepper Extract is applied to problem areas, helping areas of concern to reduce the imperfections of cellulite to give a more remodeled look to the area. Your choice of the Infrared Sauna Blanket to accelerate the process or warmly wrapped on a heated table. Recommended weekly until desired effect.

Time: 30 mim
Cost:  $95

Infrared Sauna Blanket Treatment

Relax on your own in a private room tucked inside the Infrared Sauna Blanket listening to calming music and just absorb all the benefits!

Time: 30 mim
Cost:  $75

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