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A Complimentary, Full Breakfast

Served each morning in our lovely ‘cafe’ porch in the tradition of the finest Bed & Breakfasts from 8:00 am until 10:00 am daily.  Hot coffee, cappuccino, lattes, and teas are ready at 6:30 am. Enjoy a delicious hot entree accompanied by fruits, breakfast meats, pastries, etc.

Side dishes include oven-roasted potatoes, bacon, sausages, home baked muffins and pastries. If you prefer lighter morning fare, there is always a ‘healthy choice’ such as granola, toast or plain organic eggs. Please let us know, in advance, if you have any special orders or dietary restrictions.

Local, hand-churned butter and organic eggs are delivered every few days and produce from our gardens are picked each morning to ensure that the freshest ingredients are on hand.

Sample Breakfast Items

  • a frothy fruit smoothie
  • homemade fruit juice
  • broiled grapefruit topped with warm, Maine blueberries
  • chilled cantaloupe & peach soup with lemon zest
  • poached pear stuffed with mascarpone and drizzled with raspberry coulis
  • spicy Maine crab cake eggs benedict
  • French toast smothered with caramelized bananas & toasted coconut
  • a garden frittata of ‘just snipped’ vegetables bubbling in artisan cheese
  • cornmeal pancakes with lemon-sage brown butter
  • organic scrambled eggs with goat cheese sauce & flowering rosemary