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hotels in moosehead lake

Traditional Swedish Massage

Swedish massage is an extremely popular, simple, soothing touch therapy.  It is defined by four or five techniques which include stroking, kneading, rhythmic chopping and rubbing.  The ultimate goal is relaxation. The pressure is light to medium

Time: 60 minutes/90 minutes
Cost: $145/$210

Customized massage specifically for you. A combination of deep tissue, therapeutic and hot stones to relax your overworked & over stressed body. The massage pressure is adjusted to your individual needs to help reduce stress, inflammation and muscle aches.

Time: 60 min/90 min
Cost: $170/$240

Signature Custom Massage

hotels in moosehead lake

Moosehead Lake Hot Stone Massage

Smooth stones, weathered by the waters of Moosehead Lake, are integrated into this massage and are placed on key tension areas.  Heated to the perfect temperature, the stones transmit soothing warmth and energy.  Combined with the masterful pressure of the massage strokes, stiff muscles loosen and melt into submission.  Feel your stress drift away.

Time: 60 mim
Cost: $160

Upper Body Bliss

Focused attention to the back, neck and shoulders for total relaxation

Time: 30 mim
Cost: $95

Sole Therapy

Whether you’ve hiked miles or just on your feet too much, enjoy a relaxing foot and leg scrub followed by a soothing foot and leg massage that will leave you feeling reborn.

Time: 30 mim
Cost: $95

Rejuvenating Scalp Massage

Ahhhhh, say no more!

Time: 30 mim
Cost: $95

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