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Basic Massage Facial

Our Basic Massage Facial is the perfect facial for everyone and especially those new to having a facial.  Your skin will be completely cleansed and analyzed for its unique properties and needs.  A warm steam treatment will open pores preparing the skin to receive an appropriate firming mask for your skin type followed by an application of moisturizer.  Our signature, relaxing face, neck and shoulder massage completes the experience.

Time: 50 minutes
Cost: $100

Blair Hill ‘Signature’ Massage Facial

This special facial begins with both a steam and a deep cleansing treatment followed by a gentle exfoliation to reveal smooth glowing skin.  A firming masque is then applied and a hot towel wrap releases the healing properties of the masque deep into the skin.  This is followed by a nutrient rich moisturizer to hydrate, protect and help restore the natural balance of your skin.  A relaxing face, neck and shoulder massage completes this perfect Blair Hill treatment.

Time: 60 minutes
Cost: $145

The Gentleman’s Massage Facial

Many men only use a simple, bar soap only, method for facial hygene.  It is an enlightening experience to be lathered and massaged with cleansers and hydrating creams that soothe razor burn, invigorate skin cells, and a massage to ease facial, neck and shoulder muscles.

Time: 50 minutes
Cost: $100

The ‘Environment Renewal’ Facial

If your skin is exposed each day to smog, pollution, treated water or even too much sun, resulting in damaged skin and high levels of stress, this facial is for you.  Your face will be treated with products rich in anti-oxidants and vitamin C to restore collagen levels and neutralize the damaging effects of your environment.  A soothing pressure point head, face, neck and shoulder massage will melt away the tension of your daily grind.

Time: 60 minutes
Cost: $145